never eat anything bigger
than your
own head
    the hafler trio
How to Eat the Food and not the Menu:
A Comprehension Exercise
(for people that want to be really hungry)


training, a performance, a retreat and an uprecedented opportunity to carry out deep work on the Self (and all that might mean!), using the most potent of metaphors: The Kitchen.

This 9-day and 9-hour operation is led by Andrew M.Mckenzie, the founder member of The Hafler Trio and inventor of the concept of ‘Complemation’.+
  — ★ —  

WHY would people pay to go on a retreat?


WHAT is the program of the 3x3 days?


HOW does the transformation of the individual occur during the retreat?


WHEN does the actualisation of all this take place?


WHO are the people who will benefit from this?



  — ★ —  

WHAT are the three main aspects of Transformation?

The question, then, becomes: how *much* do you actually *wish* to consciously Transform?
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  Should you have the desire to see and hear answers to these questions, then:

— individually —

Why? |  What? |  How? |  Who? |  What if?

— or —


(with fancy distracting backgrounds) [11m+23s]