Recruitment - Agents

Simply Superior is at present seeking Pro-Active Agents for the investigation and research, booking and execution of arrangements for Simply Superior events and activities on a generous commission basis. The 'pro' part of this cannot be stressed enough, and this means that this is a unique opportunity to be financially rewarded for real, creative application and expression of ideas, strategies and methods that benefit all.

In addition to payment on a commission basis for the successful applicant(s), we are also offering a handsome fee for the procurement of the Agent(s) themself/selves. This means: when you find us an Agent, and that relationship becomes an actuality, we will pay you for this. Oh yes we will!

The successful applicants will have self-motivation as a prerequisite, as well as excellent communication skills, insight into practical application of techniques, perspectives and approaches from any discipline to any other, or a willingness to learn or further investigate this, and a willingness to be open to the very real possibilities that exist within this position.

Close liaison will be required with Simply Superior itself, although the hallmark of the actions we are inviting is compassionate autonomy.

WHO?  Simply Superior - that is, the people who brought you this very web page, and all the multifarious delights that it contains!

WHAT?  A pro-active Agent for Simply Superior activities - many of these have been carried out already with great success in several countries

WHERE?  location unimportant, in terms of the Agent's physical presence in the world

WHEN?  immediately, if not sooner (“the immediate is no longer fast enough”!)

WHY?  the current resources of Simply Superior are aimed at developing various items which will expand, embrace and transcend previous activities; however, these resources are needed more and more exclusively for these items ends. we believe that the person best suited for the job is the person who has the will to make the job work for everyone, and feels the deep connection between what they personally wish to achieve - where their goal lies - and that of enabling something larger than themselves in a dynamic, developing and fulfilling way.

HOW?  Using the form below, contact us at your earliest opportunity, and let's take it from there!