Events - Full-Blown H3O Happenings

This is the ideal one of the series — and you can be sure that an experience like this will be unlike any that you and the audience has had before. Because of this, the scenario needs to be:

  1. A unique location — that is to say, a place that has powerful, unusual, special properties. This will be a place that perhaps has historic significance, possibly unique characteristics in terms of its physical location such as acoustics, light, surroundings, and so on. It might be a place that no-one has thought of before which was sitting in the middle of a town all along — it might be a place specially designed for a completely different purpose. It could easily be a place which is unused, or conversely used by many for very different functions. And this place could be part of a set of places — which is the very best scenario of all. Picturing this will communicate the outcome better than any words can!
  2. A site that has a group of people committed to working with it; to develop the potentialities to the fullest, while remaining independent and objective. The end result will be a work that involves all the talents and capabilities of all concerned. That group of people would also include people that can make the event(s) happen financially.
  3. The possibility to be in and at the location for a period (to be determined in each case) before the inauguration of the public manifestation, in order to work on making the event(s) conform to the highest possible standards. This would include access to the location and its facilities, including the full training/briefing and working of the people connected with it, as well as related facilities. The needs of this preparatory phase will be specific to your situation. The details will become clearer with each step taken towards realization.

In short, because of a concentrated, concerted and specific focus on the materials, resources, capabilities and potentials of each individual situation, not only spectacular results, but long-lasting personal change can occur — and we hold that this is the function of the creative act — to assist in the transformation of being!

Make no mistake dear reader — what can be achieved by such means is far beyond what is currently on offer anywhere, and provides an opportunity to experience from the inside as well as the outside events that can affect all concerned on a very deep level — something that will continue to resonate and provide food for creative action for a very long time after the event has supposedly ended. So, think twice, and cut once!