DJARTKLOM is the area of activity and endeavour of Simply Superior that intends to address in as an intelligent and appropriate manner as possible the changing nature of the marketplace with respect to projects that are no longer suitable cargo for that framework. It will consist of very small editions of projects that would otherwise not have seen the light of day, allowing limited openings of access to material that should not remain completely covert, but should manifest because of their inherent nature. These boulders will roll uphill.

7 copies of each offering will be for sale [these are now all gone] to "subscribers" — nothing will be constructed until all seven fees are paid. Original artwork and notes will be included in an unusual fashion, plus explanatory diagrams, notes made at the original time of construction, and other more confusing and enlightening matter. These will all be signed to the subscriber, and registered with Simply Superior as being owned by that individual or organisation, so that they can be identified in the future. After this, there will be no more copies, no more re-issues of this material, these accounts will be closed forever. This is positively the last chance to acquire these works in the definitive version(s).

The price does not include shipping and insurance. When construction is complete, these costs will be calculated for each subscriber based on destination, packaged size and weight, and a second invoice will be sent. We ship via FedEx; there is no better alternative available from Estonia at the moment. The Estonian postal service is too unreliable to use for something of this nature. Several valuable registered parcels have disappeared in their system, without recourse. You may wish to consider these historical shipping costs from previous Djartklom offerings.