Djartklom - Offerings


the long-rumoured item performed and constructed by and from an internationally acclaimed household-name artist whose name cannot be mentioned directly due to contractual reasons, volcanic ash, and the sun being over the yard-arm somewhere in the world. this project, with visuals constructed from the handwriting of the person involved and in 5.1 surround sound, deals with, amongst many other things, the concept of the 'new', nationalism as an emotion, the nature of beauty, the language of stones, the perception of difference, the balance of masculine and feminine in the spoken word, the sympathetic magical act, and space as a means of exploring the self. this release is part of the 'voice' series.

due to the nature of this project and the people involved, early subscription is recommended to avoid disappointment
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Light & Joy
5.1 surround with visual evidential material from european galavantings, 2003


I Love You + Masturbatorium + Fuck
all in 5.1 surround versions and with visual evidential matter.
a 3 x DVD set. I Love You will be a version done for private consumption as opposed to the version which has been seen and heard in various public locations over the years, and represents an extreme use of the surround format. both of the other pieces will be slightly updated to reflect research and experience carried out in the years since their original release.
How To Slice A Loaf Of Bread
in 5.1 surround sound and with visual evidential matter collected during and around the now-legendary performance involving time distortion, hypnosis, bakers, churches, umbrellas, heaps of earth, eggs wrapped in silver foil and naked people. and that's just for starters.
Severin3o (title TBC)
part of the "voice" series, constructed entirely from the dulcet tones of Mr. Steven Severin with 5.1 surround, visuals, dealing (mostly) with how to kill people. really. more information on this later, if we all survive.
Anything That Anyone Else Tells You Is Not Good Enough
in 5.1 surround sound and with visual evidential matter from the covert performance in Hasselt, Belgium - a hallucinatory journey that has a man walking through a mirror and appearing from nowhere while being temporarily blind. special soap bubbles and black light were also involved. and a few other things. whoo hoo!
A Series Of Questionable Experiences Raising Dust And Cracking Eggs With Sticks
in 5.1 surround sound and with visual evidential matter gathered from the 3 performances at The Steiner Theatre in London, confusion is created in ways that cannot be imagined, a screen on a pole, lots of shadows (or were they?), Brazilian Dancers, a walking stick with the head of a bird, a giant revolving matter, a smaller revolving matter that normally doesn't, cave paintings, megaphones, and people moving around in the dark in great danger.
The Nearness of Doings That Be Things (Horse Hospital)
in 5.1 surround sound and with visual evidential matter gleaned from the 3 performances and other events held over 5 days, where much glamourous assistance was provided, a co-worker disappeared (as did a Master of Ceremonies), machines were bought and returned, a daily newspaper was published, famous people became very puzzled, memories became sharp and hazy, hats were chased, directions were followed and lost, jelly was conveyed on heads (really), and the faces of the protagonists appeared to have been painted by a major artist. this is just scratching at the surface of the wonders to be (re-)revealed.
There, Where We Thought We Were (But Weren't)
St. Petersburg; material prepared but never presented dealing with projections of time into space and lots of illusions that clearly were not. visual material will be highly unusual in nature.
How To Breathe Air For Beginners
material constructed for performance in Finland, 2006 - 5.1 surround and visual acuity testing modes included. features previously unreleased work with Pan Sonic and Isalaja
part of the "voice" series, constructed entirely from the voice of Mr. Michael Gira with 5.1 surround, visuals. this project deals with states of being in an unconventional and provocative way, the reversing of power, structures as opposed to states, and the progression of self through sonic mirrors focused in such a way that a real image might emerge. Mr. Gira's voice was chosen because of its unique and potent application to these subjects, and was specially recorded for this project
5.1 Surround editions of some of the 10" vinyl release material, where appropriate and possible