everything you know is wrong  
    27 reasons why that's a good thing

"The Bad News is: You're Falling. The Good News is: There is No Ground"

"Arguing With Pigs about the Quality of Oranges"

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Faced With a Choice, do Both"






verything You Know is Wrong is an unprecedented opportunity to experience the research of The Hafler Trio’s Andrew M. McKenzie during his  Feb/March 2015 London residency. Over the residency he will open up his research on Complementary Education over 27 days comprising of 3 hour-long sessions each day on various interlinked subjects that will demonstrate his theory and practice of Complemation.


(Please note that this series requires quite a lot of concentration and active attention, and is not a passive learning experience!)


27 3-hour sessions from:

  Friday the 20th of February – Thursday the 19th of March, 2015
Days 0—2 & Day 13—27  
  Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road
  Days 3—12    
    MKII, 71-75 Powerscroft Road  
  [here are the documents that accompanied the sessions]  


HAT is "Everything You Know is Wrong"?

During the sessions, Complemation will unfold through a synthesis of seminar, lecture, consultation, discussion, exploration and workshop on 27 interlinked subjects, forming a coherent and challenging approach to creativity, learning and life itself.


Subjects and techniques to be examined and utilised include:

Food / Sex / Generosity / Focus & Concentration / Choices / Masculine & Feminine Forces / Death / Education / Technology / Time Management / Sound & Music / Space / Loving Kindness & Taking and Sending Practice / Chöd / Tea / The Enneagram / Gurdjieff / Tibetan Buddhism / (self) Control / (self) Hypnosis / The Hafler Trio / The Creative act / Transformation / Intuition / Oracle Systems & Their Applications / Dream Yoga / Visual Thinking / Emotional Intelligence / Wolf, Sheep, Cabbage / Cybernetics / Systematics / Morphological Analysis / Synectics / Attribute Listing / Bottom Up & Top Down Structures / Checklists / Lateral Thinking / Axis Thinking / General Semantics / Mind Mapping / Six Thinking Hats / Cartesian Coordinates / Applied Imagination / Lojong Mind Training / Object Orientated Thinking : Programming and Non-Programming Applications  / Metaphorical thinking / Humour as Reframing and Juxtaposition Tool / Memory Techniques and Exercises / A Humument / Oblique Strategies / Collage / Cut-Ups / Random Input and Chance Operations / Brainstorming / Relationships and Conflict Management / Time Constraints and Time Distortion / Problem Reversal / The Discontinuity Principle / New Ways of Asking Questions / Unconventional Mathematics / Forced Relationships & Analogy Limitation

– and many more!



HEN is "Everything You Know is Wrong"?

DAY 0 — Friday 20th Feb — 6-9pm Apiary £0

Day 0 is an orientation to the programme where you can learn about the structure and content of the 27 days to come and experience Andrew’s approach to collaborative creative practice.

DAY 1-27 — Apiary or MKII — £1-£27

3-hour sessions each day from Friday the 20th of February—Thursday the 19th of March

Exact times are specified in The Full Programme



(day 1—9/ £1-£9)

“The Bad News is: You’re Falling. The Good News is: There is No Ground”

Removing obstacles and unlearning: Memory, Focus & Concentration, Time Management, Choice, The Creative Act, Lateral Thinking, Education, Oracle Systems, The Enneagram


Following section one, the exact course of the curriculum will be decided by feedback from participants.



(day 10—18/ £10-£18)

“Arguing With Pigs about the Quality of Oranges”

Creating absurdities in order to reveal truth: possible subjects include— Sex, Death, Space, Food, Emotional Intelligence, (Self) Control, (Self) Hypnosis, Time Distortion, Intuition

  Section three being a further and last development, building on the experiences of the first two.  


(day 19—27/ £19-£27)

“Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Faced With a Choice, do Both” or “The Delight and Joy of Cognitive Dissonance”

How to walk through hell and keep going: all subjects become integrated and referenced by others, and the pattern emerges in full focus as to the way forwards.



Friday, 20th March —Venue and time TBA

Following the completion of the 27 day cycle of “Everything You Know is Wrong”, a celebratory function will be arranged, displayed and offered which will put into practice many of the techniques, findings and revelations encountered therein. A communal experience of sustenance of many delectable and exclusive kinds will be on offer, provided by participants in the cycle. This may well feature a new work by The Hafler Trio which shows how many—if not all—of the approaches of the preceding sessions can be implemented, and will lead on to a taste (pun intended) of the next stage of development.


— ★ —



HY is "Everything You Know is Wrong"?

The need for complementary learning techniques in today's environment is an urgent one.

"There are three endings to a process:

– a finish, where something is lost

– a conclusion, where nothing is lost

– a completion, which is a new beginning."

"Whenever anybody attempts to practice any spiritual exercise, they will meet with resistance from their Denying Force, which arises from their inherited instincts, drives, desires, laziness and egoism. The persistence to persevere with the exercises against the opposition of the Denying Forces is the Affirming Force of spiritual aspiration. The result of this meeting of Affirming and Denying forces is the Reconciling force. The Reconciling force is the medium of spiritual growth and its production is the primary aim of all spiritual practices. This aim is not always acknowledged or even understood and the secondary effects of the practices may be mistakenly claimed to be the primary purpose of the practice."





Andrew M. McKenzie is the core of The Hafler Trio, international protagonists of mood engineering for over 30 years, co-founder of Simply Superior, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, lecturer, teacher, seminar and workshop leader in Creative Thinking, inventor of Complemation, sound engineer, designer, writer, programmer, classical guitar teacher, and far too many other things. present goals all involve applying everything learned by experience over the last 48 years for the benefit of others.


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