Graphic Design Portfolio

For those interested in hiring graphic design services, please peruse the selection of works below, then contact us to enquire.

Some records

Kill The King by The Hafler Trio
Korm Plastics, Netherlands, CD, 2003, 2007
Packaged in a deluxe sleeve wrapped in a translucent paper with a 20 pp booklet poster and a postcard.
Who Sees Goes On by The Hafler Trio
Die Stadt & Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien, Germany, 7 x 10" vinyl discs, 1997-2000
Each part in an edition of 333 copies with booklet, of which 111 are numbered, signed and stamped.
Hljóðmynd by The Hafler Trio
Die Stadt, Germany, CD, 2000
Special cloth digipack with embossed cover and a 12 page booklet, edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies.
Cleave: 9 great openings by The Hafler Trio
Nextera, Czech Republic, CD, 2002
Packaged in embossed gatefold paper-wallet with special transparent wraparounds and silver prints.
Kisses With Both Hands From Gods Little Toy by The Hafler Trio
Important records, U.S.A., 3" mini-CD embedded in 5", 2003
Packaged in a deluxe 3 panel hand screened sleeve, edition of 500 copies.
Wolf Sheep Cabbage by The Hafler Trio
Somnimage Corporation, U.S.A., 3 x 7" vinyl singles with booklets in a box.
Edition of 333 copies.
How to Slice a Loaf of Bread (lengthwise) by The Hafler Trio
Phonometrography, U.K., 2 sets of 3 CDs, Part I — 2003, Part II — 2005
Each set limited to 500 hand-numbered copies in extraordinary packaging with prints, texts, diagrams.
Where Are You? by The Hafler Trio (based on the voice of David Tibet)
Phonometrography, U.K., CD+DVD, 2005
Special edition of 93 copies in foil-printed custom setup box enclosing: standard edition of Where Are You?, DVD screened at the premiere with two videos and 5.1 surround mixes, fragments of original letters from David Tibet to A.M. McKenzie, unique print, text concerning the release, and other related items.
Exactly As I Say by The Hafler Trio (based on the voice of Jónsi Birgisson)
Simply Superior, U.S.A., 2CD+DVD, 2006
Special edition of 111 copies in foil-printed custom setup box enclosing: standard edition wrapped in fishskin, DVD with Dolby 5.1 and DTS versions of an additional piece, packet of fjallogrös, small piece of lava from Iceland wrapped in cloth used at Hafler Trio performances, The Vowel Flame booklet, and signed and numbered print of contruction by A. M. McKenzie.
No One Remains by The Hafler Trio & Willem de Ridder
Crouton, U.S.A., 2005
Featuring a hand constructed, engraved, and painted wooden box, the screen printing work of Siwa's Alan Sherry, 10" 180 gm DMM clear virgin vinyl, limited to a numbered edition of 200 copies.
æ3o & h3æ by The Hafler Trio & Autechre
Phonometrography, U.K., 2 x 3" CDs embedded in 5", 2003
With prints and wallets, edition of 500 copies.

Some posters

How To Reform Mankind
For the live Hafler Trio event which took place on the 19th of December 1992 in the 'Schauburg' in Bremen
Light and Joy
For the Hafler Trio/Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg show on the 9th May 2003 at the 'Lagerhaus' in Bremen.
Silver and Black & White. Size A3. 100 posters were printed on special textured paper.
How To Hear A Pin Drop
For the live Hafler Trio event which took place 13-14 September 2006 in Århus, Denmark

Some logotypes

Be prepared