• Conversational Complementation Counseling

Have you ever been stuck?

Have you ever reached an impassé in your creative life,
and wished that you could see a way out of that particular cul-de-sac?

Have you ever wanted to talk seriously about mad stuff but nobody you knew could handle it?

Have you ever wanted to talk about creative experience but didn't know who to approach?

Have you ever wanted to get feedback and another perspective from someone that has "been there?"

of course you have!


A service, being that of one-on-one counseling is now available through Simply Superior, where anyone with a burning question, a stuck situation or just needing a new perspective can take advantage of Andrew M.McKenzie's 40 years of actual, practical experience with dealing with creative matters... and a great deal of that which pertains to them.

immerse yourself in the possibilities here...


• Something Very Expensive to Read

This splendid book is a new version and commentary on "Just Because a Cat has her Kittens in the Oven Doesn't Make Them Biscuits," originally published in 1991 (Temple Press, ISSN 0960-7900, with Genesis P-Orridge & Z'EV), a text which was (wrongly) described on original publication as "a film treatment in 31 acts," but is not that and yet is so much more than that. Dealing with the personal as it is reflected in the external, and the reconciliation of these two illusory viewpoints, it is at once philosophy with a rubber duck and the creation of spaces which can be inhabited by the participating reader to explore and see what arises from those locations. A book which can be, and is intended to be read many times and on many levels, the metamorphosis and transcendence of the text will allow benefits to accrue which will resonate, inform and inspire long after the reader puts the book down.



“ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ ˮ

“ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ ˮ is a workshop / training resulting in a 14 hour performance, which itself is a coalescence and practical demonstration of the techniques and strategies developed during the preceding days, “ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ ˮ has been developed over the last 7 years, and is the culmination of roughly 35 years active research, mistake making, experiment and application of and into techniques and practices of development over a wide range of human endeavor by Andrew M.Mckenzie, the founder member of The Hafler Trio and inventor of the concept of ‘Complemation’.



• Never Eat Anything Bigger Than your Own Head

A training, a performance, a retreat and an uprecedented opportunity to carry out deep work on the Self (and all that might mean!), using the most potent of metaphors: The Kitchen. We are presently engaged with finding locations and situations where these things can manifest fully. Will you help us in this endeavour? of course you will!




• Paperwork

Presenting for the first time, articles, items and other delights on paper and other related media for actual, real, not virtual, purchase. These original works (not prints or reproductions) can now be "had," and for this, we are truly grateful. A developing story and unfolding array.

See these in all their glory and buy them! (and read the background) here... (give pages time to load, please!)

• Orphans

Yes, that which did not (yet) manifest: being a list of potential delights which with one foot outside the circles of ineptitude and another firmly entrenched therein, we list that which might yet come to pass.

Be advised...


• Agents

Simply Superior is at present seeking Pro-Active Agents for the investigation and research, booking and execution of arrangements for Simply Superior events and activities on a generous commission basis. The 'pro' part of this cannot be stressed enough, and this means that this is a unique opportunity to be financially rewarded for real, creative application and expression of ideas, strategies and methods that benefit all.

In addition to payment on a commission basis for the successful applicant(s), we are also offering a handsome fee for the procurement of the Agent(s) themself/selves. This means: when you find us an Agent, and that relationship becomes an actuality, we will pay you for this. Oh yes we will!

The successful applicants will have self-motivation as a prerequisite, as well as excellent communication skills, insight into practical application of techniques, perspectives and approaches from any discipline to any other, or a willingness to learn or further investigate this, and a willingness to be open to the very real possibilities that exist within this position.

Close liaison will be required with Simply Superior itself, although the hallmark of the actions we are inviting is compassionate autonomy.


• Residency

Everything You Know is Wrong was an unprecedented opportunity to experience the research of The Hafler Trio’s Andrew M. McKenzie and his theory and practice of Complemation during his Feb/March 2015 London residency.

The workshop is over, but the original announcement can still be read. here.

Reading material that accompanied the sessions is also available.

• Testimonials

Conversational Complementation Counseling is an ongoing and probably unique service offered in tandem with the rest of Simply Superior's activities.

Don't take our word for it, but read what others have to say about it all here.

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