Exactly As I Say: Special Edition by The Hafler Trio

This release, with the voice of Jonsí Birgisson of Sigur Rós, was the first of a trilogy of works from their collaboration, which also yielded Exactly As I Do and Exactly As I Am, both of which were released on the U.S. imprint Important Records. Part of the ongoing, critically acclaimed series of The Hafler Trio recordings entirely constructed from voice, the previous releases included works derived from the vocal sounds of Blixa Bargeld and David Tibet.

The Special Edition of Exactly As I Say was limited to 111 copies and is now sold out. It includes:

  • packet of fjallagrös (icheu islandicum)
  • 'standard' edition of Exactly as I Say wrapped in either one of two kinds of catfish, or salmon skin
  • small piece of lava from Rauðarfjall, Iceland, wrapped in cloth used at hafler trio performances
  • signed and numbered print of construction by A. M. McKenzie
  • signed and numbered DVD with Dolby 5.1 and DTS versions of a piece not included in the 'standard' edition, and two videos, all of which is not released elsewhere
  • booklet of texts
  • the negative ions from outside a certain window

The DVD that accompanies the Special Edition is entitled in transliteration Payodhi-jala. There are two untitled video streams, made based on and extended from techniques suggested by Prof. Hans Jenny. The soundtrack to both visual items is a piece entitled, in transliteration, Uttisthata.

Note to Purchasers of the Special Edition

If you experience technical difficulties in playback of the DVD, please do not hestitate to contact us.