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ttending Mr. McKenzie's CCC course was, simply put, the best decision ever made for both my artistic practice and general well-being.

I believe I developed more strategies for provoking and exploring creative outlets and investigations in a month than pursuing multiple degrees over many years.

While 'Mindfulness' is the buzzword of our times, the course went above and beyond not only awareness of oneself and the world, but deeper understanding of both the mundane and esoteric - should one want to delve that deep.

Needless to say after this I consult Andrew regularly via Skype. I highly recommend a trial.

Submitted by S, Australia.
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Through work with Complemation and Andrew McKenzie I was able to not only survive the most difficult events in my life, but allow those experiences to become something I desired to share with others. The most unimaginable has become light. This transformation was not done with anything I did not already possess. It was Complemation which assisted me in deciding what could be done with what was within. I feel that there can be much more to continue on towards and I am grateful to have Complemation be a component of it.

Submitted by D.B., NY State, U.S.A.
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e’s responsible for a lot of what I was exposed to in terms of music and literature and esoteric things related to mysticism and occultism – and a philosophy of working, also. It was like having an art teacher living next door who would come in regularly and give me pointers and gentle nudges.

[...] he opened up a world of older and newer music, which also pointed in all sorts of other interesting directions and opened up a lot of doors for me. I guess that’s why people go to art school. But Andrew McKenzie was my art school.

Interview with the beloved and sorely missed Jóhann Jóhannsson The Quietus, 2016.
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e really like Hafler stuff, I think it's fantastic. It's got a rare humour. I think he's another one where people think that it's godlike but he's actually just having a laugh really. We have long extended dialogues with Andrew, he's really smart.

Interview with Autechre Pitchfork, 2005.
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I think he [Andrew McKenzie] just brought in so much knowledge and so much enthusiasm into the [Icelandic] scene that was quite fragile in its baby steps. These bands that were starting out, they didn't have the access to all this music at the time. There weren't stores like this one where we sit right now. It wasn't as easy to go on the internet and buy whatever you needed. And he had a lot of music; he had done a tremendous lot of recordings. And he had so much knowledge of how to do things and what the history of electronic music was. I think he basically inspired people so much.

Interview with Hilmar Jensson Dutch Radio, 2003.
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hich person (living or dead) do you most admire?

I admire everyone who is able to express his primal (true) creativity (independent from commercialism, ideology, pure narcissism), I see it as a very positive force, so that's too many people to mention. One person I really admire a lot for his music & art is Andrew McKenzie. What he does is really beyond everyone else, I think he's a genius.

Interview with Baraka[H] 20/20, 2005.
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