[being constructed for Joseph Porter Clark]
projected inception date 1st October, 2008
anticipated completion date beginning of November 2008

29.09.08 - 15:22
preparations have been initiated - for some time now - and the mentioned aspects are in the process of insinuating themselves into the project in the form of "leanings", so to say. should you choose to. if you like. supplies have been ordered, and the location for work is being cleaned in more ways than one. decisions have been taken, and some of the items that were indistinct now approach with alacrity. there is a secret subtitle.

physical : fatigued, onset of common cold making some processes sluggish - some anxiety about skin problems and onset of nausea due to anti-cancer drugs.
mental : bright, bushy of tail and dendrite.
emotional : a song in the heart is worth two in the air. as they say.

something slightly pure something slightly pure something slightly pure something slightly pure something slightly pure something slightly pure something slightly pure

30.09.08 - 9:47
clarity advances. technical considerations make themselves apparent. all dealt with without effort. avoidance. surety. alas, the makers of this software require money I don't have. concrete items are formulated. for this we are truly thankful.

01 + 02.10.08 - 14:01
the principle of "stretch", indeed. most unpleasant contact with the past - still intractable after 18 years. in no sense could this to be said to be evidence that the person carried across the water was left by the side of the river. form is now certain, within limits; some technical research needed, plus some events of exploration.

03.10.08 - 9:16
appalling night of cold sweats and hallucinations also gives way to a small revelation that unlocks another part of the process, and sees the way clear to its completion and realisation. entrance to text material - 1st stage - completed, and trails into the distance indicate where the credits will roll up from the horizon. some mathematics and other related geometric calculations. not yet in deep enough, but the location of the shovels and other implements is indicated quite clearly. some purification rundowns must be carried out, in excess of others already completed. this seems to be working. a ludicrous event shows YHN a mirror of great value and clarity. just what we wish to avoid becuase of our own vanity is precisely that which will be presented to us, it seems to this writer at moments such as these - which come all too infrequently.

something unexpected

04 + 05.10.08 - 22:14
a day of some very significant occurrences on *all* fronts. something like 85% of all weapons trained on the same target, in alignment. some casting aside. the culling came, thank you.

one of them... ...washes the other... and both to wash the face

06.10.08 - 7:59
promising beginnings. the physical manifestations will be of great use and impetus.

INPUT = The Slits Peel Sessions - the only real punk group.

physical : skin problems continue to be a concern - lesions very worrying indeed. possibly result of drugs?
mental : reflective, confident.
emotional : something wicked this way comes.

08.10.08 - 7:50
bad news about the boxes. argh. yesterday didn't exist.

10.10.08 - 7:04
good news about the boxes - from another source in Saaremaa. night sweats and general falling over - probably the drugs. today contained the moment when delineation had to be made between personal and otherwise - and this has profound implications for many things - as well as an inner clarity, it also will address one of the desired qualities quite directly.

12.10.08 - 12:06
the real world has been banging on the door to assert its right to pass into This Work in various unmistakeable ways - some familiar, some new. the grace to admit them to a room not quite prepared is to be be wished for, and seen clearly. decision taken to allow as much construction and daily formulation to take place in a new consecrated area. photographs today were too specific for inclusion here. another three-prong apparition has emerged. some visualisation of content structuring has now been beheld. and lo, there it was. as were the new media.

13.10.08 - 6:51
springing into life to devour several long-standing desires and sublimate them into the concrete. much of significance achieved: physical items now loom prominently near completion stage, and joy is abounding. new addition to design which adds even more to the project, plus another level of involvement in the formulation of new/rediscoverd skills acquired/applied in situ.

INPUT = The Mahabarata

physical : like a fish at the bottom of a tank that hasn't been cleaned for years. much dizziness and fatigue.
mental : alert. sharpening. twisting in the light.
emotional : feet are just off the ground.

first marks staining delineating creating spaces and not in the sand not part of itself and not part of another

14.10.08 - 17:39
the geometry and the placement of some parts now fits perfectly, abd the way is now clear to making the proportional efforts fit as appropriately as possible. the change in weather is cruel, forcing much layong down of tools in anguish. hightened sensitivity because of drugs, mayhap. numbers consulted, and understanding dawns and deepens - the feeling and sensation of having uncovered something that had been underfoot and thought to be a foundation for a very long time.


15.10.08 - 17:00
matters are making manifest with the greatest of ease, and the forces are speaking through this medium by altering the plans by a third, approximately. true coins are being dropped into true slots. the plan is unfolding, and is also transparent, so that it will not obscure the view, but allow itself to be superimposed where necessary. from here, projection is necessary.

to be pondered to be devoured to be wormed in to be the evidence of work to be work

17.10.08 - 9:49
yesterday was the day of pulling out old machines and making them work; or not, in some cases, as well as re-acquainting self with some old "friends" of various varieties. some material from long ago is now dealt with, and is ready for mining. some testing, and some self-initiation followed, as regards the relationship between elements. still not totally immersed, but that is forgiveable, if not conscionable.

19.10.08 - 23:52
some developments of personal ramification-ness.

21.10.08 - 23:35
infra-mince, indeed.

25.10.08 - 5:26
last few days wiped out by ill-health.

26.10.08 - 6:37
last night, a real sense of having enetered into the work. a storm comes, early this mormning, and the clocks change. something very real has commenced, just as it was needed, at the mid-way point. the marks now make sense, and are revealing their form, plus the form that should be followed to completion. much research also done, and more begun. the extra time before pick-up will greatly benefit the result.

27.10.08 - 21:35
today, a day of remarkable signs, portents and happenings of all natures. much to be thankful for and to praise.

28.10.08 - 17:40
the machinery turns and is acclimatising, as is the operator. the surfaces are being manipulated and ordered in various fashions. more emergence gives considerable power to the next blocks to be placed.

31.10.08 - 9:41
constants made from non-constants. funnels being offered, dragging others towards the rim. greatly fatigued. more emergences every time the back is even half-way turned. the hosepipe, the lack of buckets.

all strange away moving inwards cleaning up may look like dust, but it isn in no way something interesting. small, was, fast

01.11.08 - 13:35
the intervention of angels is always when least expected, but always at the point where and when most necessary. to show this now to such entities would incur no disapproval.