Trogoautoegocrat FAQ

Are you going to stop releasing CDs and records in multiples altogether?
No. But, and it should have been noticed, this is slowing down. This is due to general lack of interest and willingness to engage in contact with work in many ways, forcing others to move to other more mundane directions. I do not envisage copying these people or their methods to reach a more "mass" audience by compromising packaging and production. So, artefacts will still be produced in some quantities, but in the case of several projects, I do not anticipate their ever seeing the light of day now, in the current climate of the "industry".
What happens if my DVD is faulty sometime after buying, will I get a replacement copy sent if I request one?
Just like with a painting, or any other unique work, the onus is on the owner to keep it in the best possible state. As also with a painting, if there is damage, efforts can be made to restore it. You can be assured that all materials will be of the highest quality, and that every effort will be made to ensure that all items will have the longest possible life-span.
Do I get after sales service?
Depends what you mean. I will answer questions related to the item, yes. Anything else?
What's wrong with sharing mp3's on the internet? (File under some people don't read section)
My attitude to this is well known.
If I find out my flatmate has done a copy of it do I have to let you know? ('It's turned up on the internet but I didn't do it...')
Yes, indeed you do. The item is your responsibility. It will be obvious where the copy came from, so you will be immediately identified as the person that allowed the material to be accessed and copied. This will be contrary to the agreement which must be made before delivery of the work.
Why don't you do this like the subscription idea so lots of us can buy it a lot cheaper?
What is being offered here is hand-made, not mass-produced. "Lots" would certainly NOT buy these items, as they would be unwilling to pay what they cost to make. This is the situation which is being addressed here.
Will any pictures of the releases be viewable on your website?
If I pay my deposit can you set up a webcam in your flat so I can sit at home and watch you make it?
That might conceivably be part of the arrangement, but it is more likely that the magician will conceal the method of his trick.
Is it signed?
Certainly. Much more than that, all text materials will be hand-written.
How many will be made?
One. And only one. And no more than that. Period.
Why is it so expensive?
Actually, it isn't. It's a full month's work, and as such, it's cheap. As stated earlier, I will work exclusively on each item for that period. This far below the minimum wage for the work that is being done. As such, it is a unique opportunity to both support The Hafler Trio, and aquire a unique piece of work at the same time, for a fraction of the price it would otherwise be offered for through say, a gallery or agency.
Will it increase in value?
My guess would be, "probably", but of course this is impossible to guarantee.
Can I resell it?
Yes, you can, provided this is agreed with me, and the location of the object(s) can be tracked, and that responsibility and agreement transferred to the new owner. Just bear in mind that the original purchaser's name will be forever linked with the material.
What if I don't like it?
In short, not much that can be done about this. However, what a buyer is getting is not simply artefacts — they are supporting the Hafler Trio for a month, and helping to bring about a situation where more is possible, rather than a manufacturing process which makes less possible. If it helps, it can be seen as a sort of limited act of patronage on the part of the buyer, rather than a commission. This latter can be addressed, but this entirely another matter, outside the scope of this present project.
Will I get a receipt or a contract signed after the deposit is sent?
When the deposit is received, yes.
How will one edition differ from another?
Roughly the same form will be kept, but the content will be, in all cases, totally different from edition to edition.
Can I suggest object to include/I would like it to have?
You can, but be aware that it will get incorporated in a manner that is best for the project, and may be unrecognisable in the end result. A full history and reasons for inclusion will be required.
What is the audio/video going to be like?
Each will be totally different, and a self-contained unit. The audio will be 5.1 Surround, both Dolby and DTS, and the visual material will be developed at the same time. As to actual content, this is impossible to determine in advance, other than to say that the direction presently underway as regards to this will be slightly familar if anyone has seen any recent performances. The whole project would take advantage of the fact that it is a one-to-one relationship, and as such, there are techniques that can be used that would otherwise be either impossible, or severely impractical. This is one of the most interesting and potentially effective parts of the proposed endeavour.
How will this improve my life?
Probably to the extent that one works with the material, and does not expect the material to alter you, without your having done something towards it.
Can I frame it and put it on the wall?
I'm sure you can try.
Can I display it publicly?
You can, as long as you do not charge money for it, do not allow anyone to make copies of it, and inform me as to when and where this happens.
Would you use a <location recording|photograph|video|object> in the construction if I made it?
Possibly, but see above for conditions on this.
How long will the series go on/how many total unique objects in the edition?
As long as there is demand.
Can I trade you something for it?
I will consider any offers, but the answer will probably be "no". Unless you have something I really need.
I can't afford x, but I could afford y (some lesser sum). Can you make something for me?
No. This would then be a commission, in my eyes, and therefore we would move to a different situation.
Can I 'reserve' a piece before I am ready to pay the deposit? I need time to save up the money.
The work will be undertaken when the money is paid. Nothing will be made in advance.
I don't trust any delivery services. Can I collect it up in person?
Yes, indeed. It would be my personal preference, and a fitting completion to the work, as far as I can ascertain.
Will there be documentation of the work as it in progress? Can I see?
Yes, there will be "clues".
What payment methods do you accept? I don't have access to Paypal.
Then other arrangements will have to be made. Contact Simply Superior to discuss this.
Does the quoted price include the cost of shipping and insurance?
No, because this will be a matter for the individual country and person that the work is to be shipped to. This will be calculated on a case-to-case basis.
How long do I have to pay the balance once the piece is completed?
The work will not be delivered, until the payment is received, in full.
How long after I pay the deposit will the piece be ready, approximately?
One month, give or take a few days. Allowing for Acts of God, etc. The deposit is non-refundable.
Can it include a signed witnessed statement that the "masters" have been destroyed/some other certificate of authenticity/etc.
Yes. This will be included, although the exact way of addressing this is not yet fixed.
I don't agree with this idea, and I don't want to participate in it.
That's fine, and you're welcome to ignore it. I wish you well in your search for alternatives.