The Hafler Trio, in association with Simply Superior, is very pleased to offer TROGOAUTOEGOCRAT — a new series of hand-made editions. Each item in the series will be unique — there will be no copies whatsoever. Each will be made for an individual buyer. A concept or idea will be accepted and incorporated into the mysterious design. Specifics, too, may be considered. However, the aim as always is to transcend narrow expectations or requirements, rather than cater to them, moving instead towards the wonder of true communication and its attendant romance.

Each edition will consist of: a hand-written and bound book using archival-quality materials, containing writings, notes and diagrams made during the construction, a DVD with visual materials and DTS and Dolby Digital surround-sound, a diary, detailing the construction of the work as it is completed and other artifacts relevant to it, all packaged in a specially constructed, hand-made box. From start to finish, each order will be worked on exclusively. True enchantment arising from the solid dedication of the one-to-one transaction.

The price is 2400 USD, with completion and delivery envisaged as taking approximately a month in each case. Normally, payment will be 50% of the price in advance (non-refundable), with the rest of the payment immediately on completion. Installment plans of three or more payments are also possible. Adequate insurance and packing will be taken care of, through an approved shipping company, even though it should be noted there will only be one of the works in existence, and if they disappear, there can, naturally, be no exact replacement.


This approach, against the current trends in the marketplace, was chosen because it still continues to hold value — value that has largely disappeared from the one-to-many model of transactional communication since the development of the internet and related technologies. It will allow for focus and concentration, as well as a level and quality of attention impossible otherwise — remembering to allow specialisation, quality, care, and the realisation of true consideration: these, with the right will, can and do become impulses towards something higher. And this awakens us to the fact that there is hope, and more help than we know available to us at all times.

The answers to all questions will clamour to present themselves to the receiver, with all possible force. Guaranteed!

This not a serious undertaking — but it can be seen to be a sincere one.

As a result of correspondence and contemplation, we have decided to offer a generous comission to anyone that can sucessfully arrange a purchase of a TROGOAUTOEGOCRAT. If you feel you are able to effect such a situation, or if you wish to purchase the original for yourself, contact us.